"JP is able to inspire & transform any audience to take action on their dreams. He is an excellent coach that helps bring out the leader in you.

His program has helped me break through my blocks to become a powerful speaker"

Nse Uffot - Life Coach

"JP has helped me develop my personal and professional skills over the past two years which have helped me tremendously to be better equipped and become a more confident coach."

Rosie Thames - Book Coach

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Born and raised in Haiti, he came to the U.S on a student visa, lost his sponsor, faced homelessness and deportation with a wife and son. After this traumatic experience, his mindset was highjacked, struggled with low self esteem and lost all hope. He joined the U.S military and put his life on the line to earn his U.S Citizenship and create the path to the American Dream for his family. 10 years later, his hunger for success helped him shift from a victim mindset to winning mentality and build a multiple 6 figure business. He keeps making an impact in his community and is passionate about mentoring young people.

JP's story

His mission

JP's life experiences, personal growth, and professional development have made it impossible for him not to serve others.

People want real, raw and applicable strategies that will work for them for long lasting change in their lives.

Jp's mission is to activate real change in people that will carry on after they leave the room and inspire them to lead their lives to reach their fullest potential.

what he brings to your stage

He makes sure that your audience hears it from the kid who survived the wild streets of Haiti, plus the earthquake in 2010, came to America in 2012, survived homelessness, took 8 years to get a 4 year degree and still came out building a thriving company, a beautiful family, mentally and physically healthier than he has ever been. He wants your audience to never EVER miss any events you and your organization put together after they hear him at your event.


JP Desius

What OTHERS are saying ABOUT JP

What a great leader he is. JP has mastered his voice and knows exactly how to get his message across an audience.

He has a big heart for service others and always responds to the call.

Sri Akarshana

JP Extreme Execution coach, let's GO!

Dr. Eric Thomas

I appreciate JP for being part of my community of marketers and entrepreneurs. Such a great guy.

Billy Gene

Your audience will never be the same again after they hear JP's Story and Strategies

JP Desius is Leadership Coach and youth mentor. His mission is to help thousands of people become successful and impactful leaders by building their personal brands.

His company works in various verticals and provides strategic guidance through courses, speaking, digital marketing, and business software.

His core values are the heartbeat of his company and guide our impact. They operate under positivity, empowerment, discipline, confidence, focus, transparency, and results.

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JP Desius

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